BF 20 L Vario with CNC milling machine


BF 20 L Vario milling with CNC+programas design + extras.(20 hours of use). Lacks it the packaging.Immediate availability.

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Leganes (España)

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I have come to milling with her more than linear 2metros.The machine riding three servo motors MK F20DP 2.2 Nm, bipolar 3rd (400 steps per rotation). Spindle bearings ball, electronic Control VI-40V, 3 control X, Y, Z cards,

I include: Metal bench with door keep tool, tray contains chips of large format. Porta Tools 4 - 12 mm in wooden box.Cone drills Porta (Morse cone) admission. Cone of admission specific for strawberries plan (included Strawberry 40 mm).

Software: Basic program NCDRIVE (in Spanish language).Design MegaNC 2D 2010 (in English and German language) program.Milling machine and Software manuals

WARRANTY: Provide purchase invoice.I bought her 3 29, 2011 for a value of 7000 euros.Buy by close of business.Validity of warranty until March 2012. I contribute more pictures and technical information (dimensions, N º of series, software etc. by e-mail data.)


 Total price 4800 EUR


I would like the option to sell it separately.


Milling Optimum BF 20 L Vario.LLeva incorporated in each axis spindle ball bearings kit (Max precision of milling).

I include bench with shelf for useful, tray collects large format, cone shavings direct admission for drills porta, cone of direct admission for

Porta strawberries plan (included new 40 mm strawberry), 5 tweezers porta strawberries (4 / 12 mm) in wood, maintenance Manual box,Tool of the machine.

Not has more than 20 hours of use (significant).I bought it in March 2011. Not I milling with her more than 2 linear feet literally. I provide delivery of purchase.


Price 2500 EUR


 (This new) CNC complete kit. Mark Optimum Controler VI. I include three servo motors step by step 2.2 Nm, 3 to bipolar(400_pasos_por_rotación).3 aluminium housings.

6 toothed pine nuts, 3 pulleys, 3 new belts, cables, Kit complete basic software NCdrive more data transition backpack machine / computer,

(entire wiring + USB adapter). MegaCad 2D 2010/reference switches 2011.Juego design program.

NOT HAS MORE THAN 20 HOURS OF USE (SIGNIFICANT).I purchased the complete kit in March 2011. I provide delivery of purchase.


Price 2700 EUR

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