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J23-100T Mechanical press machine
  • J23-100T Mechanical press machine
Advantages began tilting punch press highlights:

1, coupled with automatic feeding device after production can be automated.

2, the machine height is low, stable pieces of good, wide room height can be reduced.

3 as a result of the transmission in the form of a crank rod plus cam, so much Wo transmission torque is small, and thus die King lightning outside diameter transmission gear can be reduced.

4, the slider can quickly and return air travel, and in the working stroke rate is greatly reduced, reducing the impact of the mold, life extension.

5, the press can associate large, from the lower dead point will be issued at a nominal 60 mm.

6, the body as a whole Kam steel, good rigidity.
Open tilting punch press simple structure, easy operation and reliable performance. Rigid clutch turn-key, easy maintenance. Which models are safe with the letter "A", and presses are equipped with brakes tight, and you can make an emergency stop in the range of 0-135 degrees, and can be configured optical protection slider. Body cast for tilting structure, easy to waste time stamping or tilt slide down from the mold. Crankshaft horizontally structure, turn-key rigid clutch, simple structure, ea



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