Stanko 5M150 - Cutting tools

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Stanko 5M150
  • Stanko 5M150
Gear shaper Stanko 5M150


- Max diameter of wheels: 800 mm
- Max module: 12 mm
- Number of double courses in one minute: 33 - 212
- Dimension: 3260x1850x3255 mm
- Weight: 10450 kg

The machine worked very little, visible factory
scouring on the rails, surface of the table in perfect condition. In
the presence of about 35 pc change gears, there are 3 pieces of new chiselling
heads for different module.Electric part, lids and housings are all included.

Excellent condition.It is fully staffed.
Gear shaper Stanko 5M150
1980 year of manufacturing
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