TS-15 - Drilling equipment

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Created drilling machines to drill in a limited space, inaccessible to heavy machinery or trucks. Hydraulic system of predictive operation. Easy to transport. Drilling of difficult terrain, including rocks.
Machine power: 11,03 kW; 15 hp
The firmness of the rocks category: almost maximum
Initial maximum bit diameter: 300 mm.

The probe depth:
With wash - up to 150 meters;
Purge - 50 metres;
With spiral drill (diameter - 135)-up to 15 meters.

Max torque: 750 N•m;
Frequency of revolutions of the head: 0-140 rpm;
Effort of the rise: 3700 kg;
Effort of the descent: 2200 kg;
Feed of the trolley head: cylinder engine: petrol, 15 hp;
Dimensions: 4200/1800/1700
Undercarriage - trailer
Weight: up to 650 kg.

Portable drill on trailer



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