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The features of the dust bag filter:
1.  Bag Filter is a collection of purifying equipment developed for many fileds covering mine mining, electro smelting, machinery casting, chemical products, building materials, cement(Cement GrindingMill), waste incineration, food processing with large flow, high concentration and irregular dust emission characteristics of working conditions. 

2. It meets the requirements of Two and Three class areas under GB16297-1996; 

3. The filter has the advantages of high dedusting efficiency, small amount of maintenances, long service life, elegant appearance, and etc; 

4. It has selection and purification functions; 

5. It can be widely used in many fields of mining operations, electric furnace melting, and machinery manufacturing, chemical products, building materials, cement (cement grinding mill), waste incineration and grain processing, and etc. 

6. It has offseted the defects of negative pressure for Cyclone Dust Collector, and positive pressure for Bag Filter as well. 

7. Dust Collector, national patent product, adopts compressed air as clean power. There are blowing pipes on top of every row of filter bags which make a pulse net. PLC appoints the definit program to let compressed air go into filter bags through 6.4mm nozzles, then filter bags inflate instantaneously and dust layer falls. Meanwhile, the air current reverse and dust in the filter bags is blown out. 

8. This bag-type electronic filter set pulse and cyclones as a whole collection against mining & quarrying with high dust concentration and mass contamination characteristics. 

9. Products are widely used in electricity, metallurgy, chemical, building materials and architectural engineering
The  Dust Bag Filter product set has the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, combined with our patented technology of environmental protection, effectively improve the air box pulse bag dust collection efficiency and operational reliability, extending the life of the bag, reducing the operator's labor strength, become the best partner to protect the environment.



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