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The KAMLOK (GOST - РУБП.ТРУФ) industrial quick-release connectors, commercialized by Hidroapparat, are a system that allows at one and the same time to connect several sections of hoses, connect the hoses to a hydrant or other equipment or containers, And to mount special adapters that allow working in severe conditions of water pollution.
The technical peculiarity of this quick take consists of the use of two levers having an eccentric, which adjust the grip of both ends. This ensures a quick connection - disconnection of the ends of the hoses, without the need for any other fixing element, nor a key for it. The watertightness of the Kamlok junction is ensured, in the event that there is an increase in the line, of the pressure of the liquid to be doubled in the expected amount. According to the conditions in which you are going to begin, you will select from the type of material that is supplied.
Working areas where these shots are used:
-brewing industry, and other similar
-transportation of clean or contaminated water;
- transportation of concrete and other constructive mixtures
-transportation of chemical liquids;
- transportation of edible oils and lubricants;
- in the production of paints and varnishes;
- in the transfer of fuels in points of this and places of storage;
-in the production and operation of machinery and tankers;
- shipyards;
- oil industry .
Industrial quick-release hoses for new condition hoses



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