HARDINGE TALENT 8/52-driven tools - Lathes

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HARDINGE TALENT 8/52-driven tools
  • HARDINGE TALENT 8/52-driven tools
A2-6 spindle attachment
Step bar (max.) 52 mm
Turning diameter (max.) 284 mm
Turning length (max.) 381 mm
Rotary diameter (max.) 457 mm
Spindle speed 625/5,000 rpm
11 kW Spindle power
136.9 Spindle torque Nm

X/Z axis travels (max.) 228/406 mm
X/Z axis speed 30 m/min
Boost 17.907 N z-axis

Slewing turret Bidirzionale
12 stations number
Motorized stations number 12
Indexing time 0.78 sec
Vel. ut. power (max) 5,000 rpm
Pot. ut. power (max.) 3.7 kW
Torque (max.) 28 Nm

Government units
32-bit model Fanuc Oi-TB Control

Machine size
1,998 mm length
3,028 conveyor length mm
1,650 mm thickness
1,751 mm height
Weight (approx.) 2,794 kg

Swarf conveyor – 125 litres coolant Tank – smoke extractor fan-driven tools n° 3

Terms of sale
Excluding transport
Installation excluded
Year of construction 2005
Serial Number BLBA5E0060
The machine was Used – very good
Internal code 14TOR001
Availability February 2014

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