FIDIA K199 5 axes 2008 HI-SPEED - Machining centers

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FIDIA K199 5 axes 2008 HI-SPEED
  • FIDIA K199 5 axes 2008 HI-SPEED
  • FIDIA K199 5 axes 2008 HI-SPEED
  • FIDIA K199 5 axes 2008 HI-SPEED
  • FIDIA K199 5 axes 2008 HI-SPEED
  • FIDIA K199 5 axes 2008 HI-SPEED
  • FIDIA K199 5 axes 2008 HI-SPEED

: Type: machining center
: X, Y, Z: 1650 x 750 x 850
: Cant. : 1
: manufacturer: FIDIA
: year: 2008
: operating hours: 2895 (h)
: State: new semi
: With the EC regulations: yes
: status: in production
: Incoterm: Exworks

: Dimensions:
18300 Kg weight
5150 M length
4400 M width
4157 M height
: Site: Chile
: Longitudinal route: 1650 mm
: Transverse route and: 750 mm
: Vertical Z tour: 850 mm
: Weight Max. autorisado: 12000 kgs
: Cone of spindle: HSK63/A
: Spindle motor: 55 kW
: Spindle rotation speed: 24000 t/min - rp
: Number of tools: 24
: Description: years of investment in research and development have led to FIDIA
to operate successfully in the field of high-speed milling since the
Home of the ' 90s.
The reduction of machining and hand finishing time is the
most significant result, which also adds the possibility of
work materials of great hardness, simplify the production cycles and
make pieces in a single location.
Only machine tool specifically designed for these
objectives can guarantee high advance speeds, precision
and quality of the surfaces.
High speed milling FIDIA centres areits application
in the production of moulds and dies for the automotive sector
(elements of body and plastic components of)
(large dimensions, such as dashboards and bumpers); moulds
steel to tyres and alloy prototype moulds;
components for the aeronautic, turbines and compressors industry;
large complex resin models and graphite electrodes.

The criterion used to project and measure the kinematic chains
It has allowed to guarantee excellent performance in terms of
capacity of clearance, precision and speed.
The objective of the project focused on the realization of a head
birrotativo very compact with high-clearance capacity, movements
continuous axes and powerful commanded locking systems

The start-up of the guidelines and the high number of skids
they contribute to confer a high stiffness and damping system
While on the other hand, digital technology used for the
the axis drives optimizes the dynamic behavior of the
machine, the resolution and accuracy of machining.
Maximum precision and its maintenance over time are
guaranteed by the direct type transducers used both for
the linear for shafts axes


Buy Centre FIDIA K199 5 machining axis HI-SPEED of the year 2008:: operating hours: 2895 H: State: new semi: with the EC regulations: yes: status: in production: Incoterm: Exworks

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