FIDIA AV166 HI-SPEED 3 axes + indexer (4th axis) 2008 - Machining centers

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FIDIA AV166 HI-SPEED 3 axes + indexer (4th axis) 2008
  • FIDIA AV166 HI-SPEED 3 axes + indexer (4th axis) 2008
  • FIDIA AV166 HI-SPEED 3 axes + indexer (4th axis) 2008
  • FIDIA AV166 HI-SPEED 3 axes + indexer (4th axis) 2008

: Type: machining center
: X, Y, Z: 1200x580x600mm
: Cant. : 1
: manufacturer: FIDIA
: year: 2008
: operating hours: 1628 (h)
: State: new semi
: With the EC regulations: yes
: status: in production
: Incoterm: Exworks

: Dimensions:
Weight 10000 Kg
4500 M length
3316 M width
3406 M height
: Site: Chile
: Route X longitudinal: 1200 mm
: Transverse route and: 580 mm
: Route vertical Z: 600 mm
: Weight Max. autorisado: 1000 kgs
: Cone of spindle: HSK63/A
: Spindle motor: 30 kW
: Spindle rotation speed: 30000 t/min - rp
: Number of tools: 20
: Description: A constant changing market requires simple and effective solutions:
the Centre of milling AV166 is the optimal response by combining speed and rigidity.

Made in cast iron with guides generously provided rollers and chains kinematic with standard high quality European components: all

These combine to give the best performance to the AV166.

The movement on the axis box and ensures maximum rigidity and precision
and thanks to this design, the stiffness is guaranteed in any position of the cross journeys.

The X axis is a sliding block of solid Iron fused with high damping properties< br/ > and is controlled by a motor coupled directly to the balls recirculation screw.

Vertical spindle offers two different solutions depending on the needs of the market:

-A powerful, ideal electromandril for machining of high speed with the decision-making tools HSK63A.

The use of FIDIA technology for numerical control units and linear scales
It guarantees the quality and the reliability of the system with a single supplier to the client.


For the machining of moulds and dies, the AV166 is an ideal partner in terms of performance and price.
Injection moulds of plastic, die-cast slabs and pressure, all benefit from the advantages of milling high-speed, FIDIA is universally recognized for the excellence of its products and services.
Tools stores and production workshops can also benefit of the twenty years of experience in the field of Fidia.


Vendo FIDIA AV166 HI-SPEED 3 axes + indexer (4th axis) 2008: type: Machining Center: X, Y, Z: 1200x580x600mm: Cant. : 1: manufacturer: FIDIA: year: 2008: operating hours: 1628 (h): State: new semi: with the EC regulations: yes: status: in production: Incoterm: Exworks

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