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Designmate Cx Contex full color system produces high-definition, full-color prototypes quickly and affordably. Printing technology for inkjet upper parts with features clearly defined, create enhanced and precise color accuracy, so you can print and evaluate physical models of design concepts in its almost finished State. Fast printing 3D high-definition models means that it no longer has to wait for prototypes. This unique color 24-bit, 3D printing capability produces color models that accurately reflect your original design data. Color models communicate more information than any other type of prototype fast, which provides a strategic advantage in the development of products.
Build speed:
2 layers per minute

Constructed surface area:
10 'x 14' x 8 "(254 x 356 x 203 mm)"

Thickness of the layer:
Adjustment by the user at the time of printing; 0,0035 "- 0.008" (0,089-0.203 mm)

Material option:
zp130 composite high-performance.

600 x 540 dpi

Number of print heads:

Equipment dimensions:
42 "x 31" x 50 "(107 x 79 x 127 cm)"

Weight of the equipment:
450 pounds. (204 kg)

System software:
Contex proprietary software accepts solid models in STL, VRML, and layer as input file formats. Software DESIGNprint features 3D visualization, text labels, and scaling functionality.
Printer microescayola DESIGNmate Cx, which enables to print 3D objects up to 200 mm in height to COLOR. Printing length: maximum 350 (width) x 250 (length) mm. Very little use.

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