China Rotary Dryer Used in Ore Dressing Line - Other mining machinery

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2. Materials scope of  ore rotary dryer

a. Chemical engineering, metallurgy and other industries like, mineral, slag, coal, metal powder, clay, diatomite,kaoline.

b. Agriculture, fodder, and fertilizer like, crop stalks, pasture, leaf, fish meal, starch pulp, stillage, pomace, sugarcane bagasse, organic mixed fertilizer, sludge, waste aquatic products, inorganic fertilizers and others.

c. For the drying of some special powder form products and granular materials like activated clay, graphite, argil, lime slurry, mineral mud and others.

d. Some materials with large capacity requirement and low temperature requirement.

3.Raw material of coal rotary dryer

Almost all the wood waste can be drying which contain moisture,such as rice husk, cnrn stalks,

sawdust,wood chips,branches and so on. This machine is suitable for drying raw materials of moisture 30-60%.Length < 5mm, diameter < 6mm.

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The ore rotary dryer  is a kind of drying equipment, which is widely used in many industries like metallurgy, building and construction, chemical engineering, coal washing, chemical fertilizer, mineral, sand, clay, kaoline, sugar and other industries, with features of stable running, large elasticity operation, well-adapted, and big handling ability.



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