Manual RPK Transmissions - Special machines

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Transmisiones RPK manual
  • Transmisiones RPK manual
This type of reducer reduces the stress on the flywheel when closing or opening the gate. These types of transmissions can be mounted vertically or horizontally, as well as in vertical pipe sections.
Main characteristics of the conical reducer by manual operation
Parameter RPK-В.120 RPK-G.250
Torque Moment Max; In the output tree N • м
Transmission ratio 4 6
Max load, kN
Type of mounting flange
(According to standard ОСТ 26-07-763-73)
Approximate mass, Kg
58 95
Main technical characteristics
• Climatic conditions for work according to GОСТ-15150 standard: У1
• Environmental temperature since
 -40⁰ to + 120⁰ C
• Body protection: IР65 7.
Special features
The conical reducers of the series RPK, are composed of a conical toothed transmission, that has a high resistance to the wear. It has a design that guarantees simplicity and high reliability in its work. .
In this type of PRK transmissions, a solid antifriction grease based on molybdenum disulfide is used, designed for gears that work with high dynamic loads and that during a prolonged exploitation of the aggregate, does not require its change, not losing its working properties , Nor pollute with the ambient humidity
The RPK series hand-operated conical reducers, designed for the manual operation of flow regulating gates in channels and pipelines, by actuating them through valves or screws without sliding or moving purposes. .



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