Chencan CC-MS1325AC - Wood milling machines

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Chencan CC-MS1325AC
  • Chencan CC-MS1325AC
Technical characteristics:
1The machine bed is welded steel seamless tubes, is firm and durable, is not easy to deformation.
2. The Z axis leverages imported, recirculating ball screw and Hiwin made in Taiwan, guide rail is high precision and is more durable.The X- and y-axis and take advantage of transmission gear and zippers.The speed is faster, improves efficiency and saves cost.
3. Software compatibility is strong, is compatible with various types of software design and the development of CAD/CAM such as type3/artcam/castmate/wentai.
4. Syntec control system makes it easier to manage.Take advantage of automatic tool change system, it is easier and safer to handle.
5.Con servo motor, the machine has full functions, stable characteristics and high reliability.
Typescript using the vacuum table, has a strong adsorption capacity, can reach 250 cubic meters per hour.
7.USA automatic lubrication system, maintenance and conservation are very convenient.
Each stage of work will be processed in accordance with EC communication standard in Europe and ISO standard.Each machine will be detected 72 hours to a minimum until the small parts.After the basic measures of maintenance, the machine will be packaged by professional workers for transportation.
8. Ensure the high quality of details, most part of machine metal parts is manufactured by our own machining imported from America.
The linear automatic tool changer CNC servo motors and drivers router can make furniture and wooden doors, carry out engraving, cutting, drilling etc.
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