Chencan CC-M1325AS2 - Wood milling machines

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Chencan CC-M1325AS2
  • Chencan CC-M1325AS2
Main settings:
1.DOS 3.0kw air cooled spindles.
2.Estes two spindles can be its two different design with two different tools, which is like processing with automatic tool changer CNC machining center.
3. Original control system with NC-Studio computer, with grip control.
4. Other alternative control systems:
Control system of servo DSP with auto change function.
a.Sistema of Taiwan Syntec control, with handle vernier control (can make tiny adjustment)
blower vacuum b.Sistema: table of vacuum suction, vacuum pump and pipe blocks.
5.Alto porch up to 300mm, that can ensure effective work of each spindle area.
6.Dobles side plates can maintain strong support for the perfect movement of gantry.
7.Area of effective work of XYZ is 1300 * 2500 * 300 mm.
8.Independiente PC electrical control box, with perfect wiring and sheaves of free movement.
9.Cuerpo of square steel tubes and seamless welding, is firm and durable, it is not easy to deformation.
10.Aprovecha ball screw manufactured in Germany and imported guide rail, is of high precision, and also has high speed and efficiency.
With multithread asynchronous CNC milling machine can work with the tools function 2-4 pieces.The machine not only is very economical, but also can perform the function of automatic tool change, save time and increase the speed and accuracy of work.
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