Chencan CC-K1530-4 - Wood milling machines

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Technical characteristics:
1. The machine body is welded steel seamless tubes, is firm and durable, is not easy to deformation.
2. Machine with rotating fourth axis, the table rotary axes can work simultaneously or independently.
3. 4Th rotating axis, which is used to record cylinders.
4. Machine adopts the gantry movement, which may be machined various materials.
5.Tres axes leverage imported Guide, x-axis rail and rack and pinion transmission adopts, is low cost and high efficiency, Z axis uses ball bearing screws imported, is high precision.
6.Aprovecha DSP control system, handles with grip, is displayed with large screen, runs easier and stays more simply.
7.Aprovecha the original prognosis, fully developed conductive potentiality, performs the processing quickly, curve and straight line is synchronous, the curve is more delicate.
8.Cuenta with functions as continuous carving of the point of breakdown, power failure recovery.
9.Es compatible with various types of design such as etc. type3/Artcam/CAXA software

Industrial applications:
Mainly used for the manufacture of cylinders, such as cylindrical furniture accessories, balustrade staircase, cylindrical instruments of music, ropes of tools, and other cylindrical crafts.

Effects of work:
You can record various types of sculpture relief, drawing sculpture, sculpture of shadow for the column, and performs the function of court etc.
CNC milling machine for cylinders with rotating fourth axis, the picture freely revolving transmission shaft not only can work synchronously but can also work separately.
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