DECKEL MAHO DMF-250 2008 HI-SPEED 5-axis - Machining centers

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DECKEL MAHO DMF-250 2008 HI-SPEED 5-axis
  • DECKEL MAHO DMF-250 2008 HI-SPEED 5-axis
  • DECKEL MAHO DMF-250 2008 HI-SPEED 5-axis
  • DECKEL MAHO DMF-250 2008 HI-SPEED 5-axis
  • DECKEL MAHO DMF-250 2008 HI-SPEED 5-axis

: Type: 5-axis machining centre
: X, Y, Z: 2500 x 920 x 820
: Cant. : 1
: manufacturer: DECKEL MAHO
: year: 2008
: operating hours: 1405 H
: State: new semi
: With the EC regulations: yes
: status: in production
: Incoterm: Exworks

: Dimensions:
24500 Kg weight
7735 M length
5073 M width
3267 M height
: Site: Chile
: CN: 3D-CNC-CONTROL Heidenhain iTNC 530 connector type TCP/IP
: Longitudinal route: 2500 mm
: Transverse route and: 920 mm
: Vertical Z tour: 820 mm
: Weight Max. autorisado: 3100 kg
: Cone of spindle: HSK63/A
: Spindle motor: 35 kW
: Spindle rotation speed: 18000 t/min - rp
: Number of tools: 30
: Description: high power chip startup, increased productivity and an excellent
ratio price / performance - where construction elements require
high stability and flexibility in manufacturing, the DMF 220 linear, linear 250,
360 linear and 500 linear impose new references of precision machining
parts of Max. 5,400 kg.
Centres of milling of mobile column not only convince by their possible
options for machining with 5 axes but, above all, also for its innovative
linear technology. Thus we can make pendulum machining and the requireda.
productivity both long complex pieces as series speeds of call -
extraordinary zamiento through the implementation of a separating wall area
Optional machining.
The rigid machine of mineral cast or cast iron bench
(DMF 500 linear) offers better damping compared properties
with welded structures. In addition, the Centre of gravity of the machine is
is much more under what achieves a greater rigidity during the
machining with chips starting and optimal absorption of forces.

The notable of this concept of machine for machining on long benches is
the linear drive on the x-axis, which allows a high displacement speed
the mobile column of 100 m/min. With conventional drives, this sis-
item reaches a speed up to 3 times higher, positioning at the same time the
Mobile column of exact and game-free way, and accelerating it effectively
and without wear and tear over the years. Adding high capacity of viru boot-
TA and modern components of automation, all of these factors are added to
get obvious performance advantages. But the DMF series linear not only Convention -
EC in its performance and stability of long duration, but also as soon as
the quality, the DMF 220 linear imposes new references in yourcategory. The high
stiffness as well as the direct flow of forces between mobile column, linear drive
and machine bench provides optimum chip startup conditions.
In the standard version the machine has a vertical motor spindle with
12,000 rpm, permantentemente-cooled liquid and fitted with cooling
Interior (option). The head of milling orientable available optionally (axis (b)),
in combination with different tables CN, allows machining with 5 axes and in several
expensive thus emphasizing its flexibility and versatility. The flexibility offered by this con -
machine concept is due in addition to the possibility of dividing the area of machining
that in turn makes it possible the pendulum and series machining.

_ Linear drive on the x-axis for a
travel speed extremely
high and greater accuracy
_ Large area of machining with Max. 5,000 mm
displacement in the X axis travel
and 920 mm on the shaft and for long parts or a
pendulum machining of maximum effectiveness
_ Standard vertical Milling spindle with
130 Nm and Max. 12,000 rpm for high volume
chip and a guaranteed quality
_ Storage of tools with 30 posts of
herramientaen the standard model or optional
with up to 120 80 posts
_DMG Kukacontrolpanel with 15-inch TFT screen and
Siemens 840D powerline or Heidenhain iTNC 530,< br/ > with 3D software


Vendo DECKEL MAHO DMF-250 5 axes 2008 HI-SPEED: type: Machining Center 5 axes: X, Y, Z: 2500 x 920 x 820: Cant. : 1: manufacturer: DECKEL MAHO: year: 2008: operating hours: 1405 H: State: new semi: with the EC regulations: yes: status: in production: Incoterm: Exworks

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