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Ryazan VV1134
  • Ryazan VV1134
Horizontal forging machine VV1134

Max diameter of initial blank: 30 mm
Blank length:
-Min: 120 mm
-Max: 300 mm
Max diameter of upset flange: 60 mm
Upset slide nominal force: 2500 kN
Max force on clamping slide with dies closed: 2500 kN
-Movable die: 100 mm
-Upset slide (full): 220 mm
-Die closing: 140 mm
Slide strokes per minute: 45
Machine overall dimensions:
-Length: 6050 mm
-Width: 4600 mm
-Height: 2260 mm
Machine weight: 24680 kg

The machine is intended for hot forming of forgings from
cut-to-length blanks or rods in multiple impression dies.
The machines can be used for the following technological
operations: upsetting, semi-piercing, piercing, reduction,
cutting, bending.
The horizontal forging machine may operate in the following
modes: single strokes, continuous strokes, set up.

This machine works a few years on the single production.
Visible light surfaces of shafts and worksurfaces.
It is fully staffed.
Horizontal forging machine VV1134
250 tn effort
1980 year of manufacturing
made by Ryazan plant,Russia
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