Submersible pump PF2 50 200 198 15 2 016 - Pumps

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Bomba sumergible PF2 50/200. 198-15/2-016
  • Bomba sumergible PF2 50/200. 198-15/2-016
The pumps of the "Irtish" series (with more than 100 models ranging from 1.1 kW to 200 KW) are designed for the disposal of industrial waste and sewage, grouped as follows:
- stationary, on a frame, of the CMK model;
- for the sewage treatment of the submerged model BSF and BSEF
- vertical residual pumps of model BF and BFC;
- submersible pumps for drainage in muddy waters BSD
- submersible domestic pumps model M-SF;
- automatic pumping stations for "Irtish-Eco" sewage systems which collect, treat and transfer to the sewer all waste and household waste These are installed below the level of the pits, in the buildings that do not have sewerage.
- automatic pumping stations for raising pressure in water supply systems
- panels and control panels supplied with and for the above-mentioned pumping stations.
Pumps of different models and types for working with sewage and industrial waters.
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