Superfine Liming HGM Powder Mill - Mills

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Molino de polvo superfino de Liming HGM
  • Molino de polvo superfino de Liming HGM
Superfine powder mill is a type of equipment for processing fine flour and flour, always applied for materials with a medium hardness less than six and an input size between 0-10 mm such as kaolin, limestone, calcite, talc, barite , Pottery clay, dolomite, bentonite, mica, illite, pyeophyllite, vermiculite, sepiolite, attapulgite, rectorite, diatomite, graphite, alunite, floatstone, etc. in the fields of Chemical industry, paint, cosmetics, medicaments, food additives, etc..
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Type: mining dust production
Input Size: 0-10 mm
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