GOITI NRR160 - Presses

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  • GOITI NRR160
Gooseneck with pneumatic clutch eccentric press...
Nominal force: 160Tn.
Course work: 20-220 mm.
Table dimensions: 1500x930mm.
Desktop Board dimensions: 1500x930mm.
Dimensions base truck: 1000x700mm.
Or hole truck: 50.
Or the table hole: 400 x 355.
Or hole plate table: 140.
Height between cart and table: 755.
Height between truck and plate: 355.
Car height: 100.
Neckline: 450.
Opening between uprights: 600.
Beats/min: 15.
Net weight: 18Tn.
Engine power: 30.
RPM: 1500.
Voltage: 220/380.
With ejector seat cushion.

15000 euros
Press Goiti NRR160 of 160Tn
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