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Strojarne Piesok LK160
  • Strojarne Piesok LK160
Trimming press LK160

Capacity, ton 160
Table size, mm 710 x 810
Ram size, mm 670 x 670
Shut height, mm 560
Ram stoke, mm 200
Ram stokes per minute 36
Bolster plate-to-ram adjustment stroke, mm 120
Bolster plate thickness, mm 120
Table gap diameter, mm 320
Ram gap diameter, mm 65
Main motor power, kW 18,5
Total power required, kW 28,5
Press dimensions, mm 1820 x 1750 x 4200
Press weight, kg 11900

There are two presses available. They are complete and in good condition.
Some information:
Trimming press LK160
160 tn effort
1990 year of manufacturing
made by Strojarne Piesok, Czechoslovakia
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